Mauna Loa Volcano Has Erupted

Nov 29, 2022, Tues — Wow, Mauna Loa Volcano has erupted. Forty years late the locals say. It’s strange this focus of mine on Hawaii right now. I’m in the middle of a Hawaii painting, Pele’s Kitchen is in a show for the first time, and I blogged last night about my curious incident on Lanai’i […]

Maui Sunset 

Nov 28, 2022, Mon — I might have a name for the new painting in progress: Maui Sunset. It’s incredibly beautiful so far, if I do say so myself. And indeed, I am the final judge as to when something is masterful enough to call finished. Lots more to go on this one, but the […]

Hawaii Five O Painting is Coming Along

Nov 27, 2022, Sun — Yep, the Hawaii Five O painting is coming along. And you know what that O stands for. Now think times five and you get the idea of how much I’m liking it. I don’t even think I’ve mentioned it here I’ve been so busy and delinquent in posting blogs.  I […]

Studio Day and Birth Day

Nov 22, 2022, Tues — It really was a studio day and birth day. As in my very own birthday. T’was a lovely day talking to kids, friends, and family. Everyone sang this year! Happy Birthday to You…. you live in a zoo. You look like a monkeeee, and you smell like one, too. Only […]

Art Giveaway Winner Announced, Mediterranean Style

Nov 21, 2022, Mon — We arrive again, full circle, with another Art Giveaway winner announced, Mediterranean style. Ruth Puligo is the lucky winner of a 24 x 24 inch giclee canvas print of Aspen Sky. It’s always a trip to export the names, shuffle them in a shuffler, which I do three times, and […]

What Happened to Me (and my Tesla)?

Nov 20, 2022, Sun — What happened to me (and my Tesla)? I’ve lost my head of steam on the daily blog. I knew it was fragile arrangement, but I really fell off the wagon. Firstly from being gone for six days and not taking my computer because I thought it was broken. It wouldn’t […]

History Of Impressionism In Art

The history of impressionism in art is an interesting one. The word “impressionism” was initially intended as a pejorative by art critics who were utterly horrified at the new painting style. By the middle and late 1800s, it was generally accepted that serious artists blended their colors and minimized the appearance of brushstrokes. Impressionist paintings […]

I Found The Billboard!

Nov 15, 2022, Tues — I found the billboard! That’s why I’ve been missing in action for the past six days. It took me a long time to find it. I mean, there are a lot of billboards out there! Actually Fine Art America gave me the precise location, including longitude and latitude. That was […]

I’ve Been Framed! 

Nov 9, 2022, Wed — I’ve Been Framed! Subtitle: Prepping for the Art Tour. Tomorrow I’m on the road to the Bay Area. I’m packing now. (Well, as soon as this is finished here. I’m not that good at multi-tasking.) It’s been a harrowing day getting all the art ready on time. I painted edges […]

Lauren Forcella Shout Out Interview 

Nov 8, 2022, Tues — On Monday, the Lauren Forcella Shout Out Interview with Phillip Ellering went live. I’m excited to share it with you. Phillip is such a good interviewer. He’s so very present and I love our rapport. Huge “shout out” right back to Phillip Ellering Stories! I’m googling how to share it […]