Artist’s Date: Hike to Burstarse Falls

Artist’s Date: Hike to Burstarse Falls

April 30, 2022 —

Wonderful hike today to Burstarse Falls in the Castle Crags Wilderness (NorCal). And it really is an arse burster! You scramble up and up and up Burstarse Creek, not much of a trail, past waterfall after waterfall flowing into peridot-green pools in the polished granite, to the biggest waterfall of all at the top. What a finale! We finally had some rain, including snow here in the mountains, so I was grateful to get up here while the falls were going off. It was a gorgeous day, 65 degrees, tiny bit of rain while the sun was shining. The dogwood in bloom. A few early wildflowers. I even stole a bracing dip in one of the pools on the way out. My idea of a perfect day. 

And now I’ll let the Artful Gents take it from here:

Simply put, Artist Date is a solo expedition once a week to do something that fascinates or interests you. An artist date (listen to Julia Cameron’s description of An Artist Date here) is the idea of ​​setting aside time for yourself once a week to do something glamorous. A date with an artist is the perfect time to use the play dough you bought on sale and never pulled out, the cross stitch kit your mom gave you for Christmas, or the paper you bought when the kids were little and kept in a drawer. 15 years. Date an artist is important as it rewards you and renews your creativity in a way that a class can’t.

When I imagine dating artists: “I want you to do something that intrigues or fascinates you for an hour or two a week. I’m not careful) and move from intellectualizing everything to relying on my intuition (which I also call my “internal GPS”). In general, I’ve always had a hard time keeping up with artist dates.

Designed to develop your inner artist and give you time to listen to your inner child and whisper inspiration, these weekly excursions are non-negotiable. In addition to writing The Morning Pages, another key element of practicing The Artists Way is following what Julia Cameron calls “The Artist’s Date”.

In this post, I want to share with you a concept that I really enjoyed while traveling, from The Artists Way (Julia Cameron) course, something I worked on in The Artists Way (Julia Cameron) course, something that what I was working on for my Journey through Julia Cameron. In the next post, I’ll share with you 52 artist date ideas (i.e. one per week next year) to get you started, as well as a customizable planner you can use to plan and evaluate each event. Artist dates are great for clearing up difficult situations and solutions, simply because they give us a solid window of time when we’re not thinking about that particular thing.

This can also change on your artist date – you can go out to do one and a half realizing “hey, that’s not funny” and the great thing is that since you’re doing it yourself, you can change your mind and walk away. after a while in the other direction. Try not to do anything else – just focus on the music – and consider picking a band or artist you don’t know well.

I still think we can date artists in this far new world, even if it means doing a little bit of Julia Cameron’s great concept. He generally disapproves of any purchases on artists’ days (other than museum admission fees), as the act of purchasing may seem like just one more task to be completed and thus satisfies routine, regimented thinking.

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