Artist Photoshoot was Today

Artist Photoshoot was Today

June 25, 2022 — Artist photoshoot was today with Enjoy Magazine’s pro photographer, Jessica. What a day. It was 106 degrees outside. I’m not sure the temp inside the studio, but it had to be at least 100. The studio is part of a long metal building sitting in full sun on tarmac. My unit is on the end so it gets beaten by the sun on three sides.

How I stay too cool for school

You must wonder how I work in here! Well, my secret to staying cool is the good old evaporative process. I keep a big blue recycling trash bin filled with water just inside the bay door so I can tip it over onto the tarmac when it needs replacing. Into this bin, thanks to my long legs, I step one leg at a time, getting wet up to the crotch of my knee-length shorts. I take that leg out, and repeat on the other side. I’m also wearing knee high support socks with the toes cut off, so basically my whole leg from foot to groin gets wet. Once the bottom half is wet, I take my painting tee off, submerge it, wring it out and put it on. The final touch is a wet handkerchief around my neck. 

This is how I stay cool, and it really works. I have a lot of fans in there, 10 actually, haha, however, four of these are filters, which I don’t necessarily run because I have enough fresh air. When I’m newly dipped and dripping wet, I actually feel cold when the air is blowing straight on me. Of course, that changes quickly and an hour later, I repeat the whole process.  

But the artist photoshoot was today and now I’m there as a “model”. I’m wearing my standard issue summer outfit: black Sanctuary tee, turquoise mini skort, and red Mephisto sandals. Upgraded with makeup, and a nice hairdo from the fabulous cut/color on Thursday that is still holding. Summery and “cool” but still boiling in this heat. I was literally dabbing liquid pools of sweat off my face that were gathering under my eyes, taking all the makeup with it.

Saying screw it saves the shoot

Next thing I knew (next thing? 90 minutes later!) it was, screw it! I changed into my painting clothes, dunked myself as described above, put my indigo blue do-rag on my head, and ahhh, finally cool! From there, I looked less at death’s door and we had a blast. I think she got some great shots. 

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