Art Story in Enjoy Magazine Published 

Art Story in Enjoy Magazine Published 

July 25, 2022, Monday — Wonderful Monday with the art story in Enjoy Magazine published and on the news racks today. Incredible writing by Jon Lewis. How he took all my rambling and made this coherent, exciting piece, is true talent in action. Love the photos they used, too. And that my friend, Jeanne Gravette, is mentioned in the article!

Was hoping for more artwork, but the cover page with Jon’s photo of my brushes sets an moody artistic tone. They did use two painting images that I had provided, and a third painting that I’m standing in front of for the shot of me. I look really young in the photo which makes me extra happy. I will share with abandon now! Can’t wait to call the magazine tomorrow morning the second they open and find out how to get a digital scan of my pages for social media. (Which I don’t have yet, so no image will be included here today.)

You’re lucky

You’re lucky this was on the news racks today and that I actually went to the market and happened to see it, so I have something to write about. Otherwise it was going to be challenging transforming a drippy day of errands and sundry plebeian distractions into exciting theater. Replacing a headlight in my car, damn! Two trips to Auto Zone before the right bulb was actually purchased. Gotcha there, didn’t I? And that’s just the highlights.  

Smog check later this week. Hoho!

Are we at 300 words yet? Don’t think so. Art story in Enjoy Magazine published! Gotta repeat myself for the search engines.  

Do you ever wonder what will be important in 50 years? Will we still care about SEO? One thing we know, that’s been true forever, it’s good to keep artists alive. So please sign up for my newsletter. Or, even more fun, buy something unique and practical from the Lauren Forcella Contrado Store! Like this summer dress from my painting Purple Adorable.

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