Art Show Opening was a Hit

Art Show Opening was a Hit

July 2, 2022 — The art show opening was a hit! I’m home now, just finished dinner, and have my feet up on the chair opposite me on the other side of the table while I am typing this. The reception was worth every sore bone in my feet! I got a continuous stream of amazing feedback the entire time. I arrived at 4:30 and the place was hopping from 5-8PM, when it closed. So grateful for the amazing director of the center, Susan Marie, who so skillfully and genuinely connected with the participants. And for Maria and Hal for all they did to create a wonderful show. 

For starters, the hanging job was mind-blowing!! I was so impressed with the pairings they found and how they used every single painting except one. They hung 23 pieces! (I can’t believe I didn’t take pics! Aargh!) My work is very detailed and busy, so it seemed like more open space would be needed, but the way they arranged it, all those pieces went up. None were even stacked. And it looked fabulous! Not too much at all. It was very enlightening for me.

So, yes indeed, the art show opening was a hit. There were so many wonderful gushing remarks that I can’t sort them out. But below are some of the comments that did stand out.

Key comments from participants

“You know you’re going to be famous.” This was my favorite. She was really forceful in saying this, meaning it sincerely. And she kept repeating it. I sincerely accepted it. “I receive that,” I said. 

“I’ve been to every show here for the last two and a half years and this is my favorite.” This from Susan’s neighbor who started coming to all the shows thanks to Susan. 

“I have no words, I can’t speak. I can’t figure how to say what these paintings are doing to me.” This from a woman visibly shaken. 

“So happy you have painted nasturtiums! It’s my favorite flower and I’ve not understood why no artists of antiquity, or even right now that I know of, paint them.” This from a passionate art-loving and creatively pierced young man attending with his boyfriend. I couldn’t agree more and have had this wonderment myself. On this exciting concurrence, we talked nasturtiums more and it solidified my desire to be the artist who takes them on. Make it my pet flower. Coincidentally, I almost went to Tom’s this week to take pics of his nasturtium plot for my next painting. Hey, I should get one going myself! The plot. Buying nasturtium seeds ASAP!!

Lots of people took my cards, I went through a stack of them! And I made sure to invite them to sign up for my newsletter and be the first to see new work. Sound familiar?! I would love the same for you.

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