Art Reception for the Redding Show

Art Reception for the Redding Show

Aug 5, 2022, Fri — Art reception for the Redding Show is coming up tonight at 5. It’s 6:30 AM at the moment and I’m writing my blog now because I’m handing over my laptop at 10 AM to Nerds on Call. I haven’t used a computer repair service in close to 20 years. My computers seem to go and go, true workhorses. And maybe this one would too, but I’m worried about that C drive still, if you can forgive those earlier blogs on this beating heart of my workhorse. (I suppose the soul would be the D drive, which remains expansive with lots of room for growth.) But the C drive needs a bypass or a heart transplant perhaps. Whatever they decide to do to give it more room and extend its usefulness. 

I also read recently how a lot of electronics are now planned to fail by the batteries failing alone. And perhaps it’s a coincidence, but now at around 4 years of age, Dell keeps showing me an ad in the bottom right telling me to consider trading in my computer. It feels like a warning of the impending death of my batteries. That or it is warning me as to the impending cardiopulmonary arrest of my C drive. 

Or it knows that by now 9 keys have the letters worn off, and that most people would want to chuck it?

So, it’s hard to say if I’m throwing good money to bad, but I’ve decided to take it in and see if they can replace the batteries and beef up the C drive. I can’t believe we’ll have to be separated for a few days. Up to 2 days just for diagnostics, and another possible 2 to do the repair. How will I function? I’ve got the next painting planned and I’ll pour into that. I will actually miss the blog, but I think it will be too unpleasant to try and pull it off from my phone. Which is how I feel about Instagram.

On the happier note of the purpose of today’s blog, tonight is the art reception for the Redding show at North Valley Art League’s Carter House Gallery. I’m excited to see how they hung the show. And, like for the Weaverville show, I have some trepidation about attending unmasked. The room is small and unventilated. I started my extra biohacks last night and will continue today and for the next couple. Oregano capsules, colloidal silver, echinacea and goldenseal, zinc lozenges that I could be sucking on the whole time. Plus the everyday standards like a mushroom complex and liposomal Vit C. I will decide at the last minute whether to attend or not. O, Covid. I know 3 people this very minute who have it.

So if I don’t see you there… a warm invite to browse my originals here. And if you like something send me a message here.

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