Orland Art Center Reception

Orland Art Center Reception

Oct 7, 2022, Fri — I’ll just start my blog with tired, whipped, and exhausted. Ok, covered that! Onward.  Tonight was the Orland Art Center reception. What a lovely event and how lovely a person is Rae Turnbull?? She is everything I’ve been told. I hope when I am 80 that I have a laugh as quick and delightful as hers. She has a laugh like a young woman. I was really struck by it. (Eighty? I have no idea how old she is… we could google that. Okay, I just did. No quick luck so we’ll leave it a mystery.)

And she’s deep in addition to being always ready to pull a leg or have her own pulled. Here’s a blurb on Rae from George Turnbull’s website (her late artist husband). 

For twenty years, Rae Turnbull’s syndicated poetic essay column was a favorite weekly feature in northern California, southern Oregon, eastern Iowa, and all of Nebraska and Nevada. With nearly 2880 original poetic essays in publication, Rae became known as the poet who spoke to the heart and soul of family. The basic values held dear by the folks in so many of the small towns and farms and ranches in the west found their own voices in Rae Turnbull’s words. 

What a woman. I feel very fortunate that she called me that day about doing a show. And that we ended up in several long chats over the course of the few months leading up to finally meeting her in person when I dropped the art off last week. 

Her people did a fantastic job hanging the show. It’s beautiful. Their counter showed about 60 people there tonight. Not bad. And all of them generated by the center. Nobody came down from Redding, although some are planning it later as it’s up for seven weeks. 

Nightio! That’s a wrap for Orland Art Center reception. In closing, I warmly invite you to browse my originals gallery, sign up for my monthly newsletter and pursue the calendar of events for a show near you.

PS You’ll be happy to know that I threw the rest of the cheesecake out this morning. Survival move! And that I finished Moody Mount St. Helena today. More tomorrow on that.

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