Art in the Bedroom makes for Happier Couples

Art in the Bedroom makes for Happier Couples

June 18, 2022 — Art in the bedroom makes for happier couples. Indeed, that was one theme of today’s happy couples class that I am taking from Valdo. Yes, I am in this class even though I am a single woman, haha. For the moment anyway. Single, that is. Actually I’m learning a ton from the class. It’s been an enlightening addition to my weeks. 

So how do we get to this concept art in the bedroom for happier couples? Valdo became intrigued with my roses as a visual aid for his couples work. That’s how we met on Facebook. He saw my art. Then he talked me into the value of one of his classes, which I said yes to. And so today he presented one of my red roses to the class today without me knowing he was going to do it. We had talked about it, but I wasn’t sure when or if he would actually do it. And he did today!

He projected a single red rose on the screen and had us look at it noticing how the image affected us and how that might be if it was in our bedroom in large format. I got paired with R and he was excited by it. He felt himself physically opened looking at the rose and was excited how that would be to have such a large format rose in his bedroom. This he shared before it was my turn, so I knew it was not for my benefit. For my share, I admitted it was my artwork, then Valdo popped on and said to keep the secret a little longer. Later when the group reconvened together, Valdo introduced a page on my website showing me as the artist. It was so cool! 

And so timely that this very week, I have sold two large red rose prints. One to The Yoni Temple in Oakland, CA. Actually, I’m still in the process of re proofing them with my new printer in Scottsdale, AZ, prior to printing. Something about the red files, they always seem to be dark and need adjusting. 

I personally couldn’t agree more that art in the bedroom makes for happier couples. We know, anecdotally, and now through brain studies, that when you look at a piece of art you like, it lights up the same part of your brain as when you are in love. And the rose, itself, is a millennial old archetypal symbol of love with deep connection to same in our psyche. 

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Art in the bedroom makes for happier couples. "Intoxication", by Lauren Forcella
Art in the bedroom makes for happier couples. “Intoxication”, by Lauren Forcella
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