Art Image Capture at Sacramento Giclee

Art Image Capture at Sacramento Giclee

May 4, 2022

Today was a 5-hour drive day to Sacramento Giclee for art image capture of my two newest pieces. I dropped the 2 newest paintings off, and proofed the captures for the two paintings waiting there, which I had taken down a few weeks ago. Josh King, one of Sac Giclee’s owners, does great work with his $20K scanback camera. I loved today’s files, which I’ve pasted below. He’s always good. All the brushstrokes show, he’s excellent with color correction. I dropped off California Poppies and The Peach Tree and picked up Ponderosa Pine and Zinnia Phiz, along with their hi-res TIFs. Always a nice milestone to have the image capture completed, TIFs in my email, proofs in hand (which I keep as a record of the exact “look” of the painting). Now I can finally get these paintings on my website and share with my public. 

Zinnia Phiz
Ponderosa Pine

From here on out, the Artful Gents will take the mic:

At Digital Silver Imaging, we use the highest standards in image capture, color grading workflow and sensitivity for every single piece of art. With color, texture, sharpness and detail perfectly matched to your art, you can use your resulting images in all media with confidence. Ultra-high resolution ensures that you can accurately use your art now and in the future without sacrificing color, sharpness, or the ability to resize your art when printed.

At the heart of our studio is a wide format, very high resolution digital imaging system, considered by museums to be the best technology for photographing rare and priceless works of art. Our digital capture system is equipped with a high resolution Hasselblad H6D camera capable of producing a 1.2 GB 8-bit file or a 2.4 GB 16-bit file. Our studio equipment is capable of directly scanning film at up to 8200 dpi or capturing images with our state-of-the-art BetterLight large format scanning camera (over 200 megapixels).

We are proud to offer our digital images using the Phase One XF 100 megapixel camera system, which delivers the highest image quality. We’ll capture your artwork in stunning high-definition images, faithfully reproducing everything from the warmest tones to the vibrant colors of your artwork. Whether you need professional photography of your art for your archives or to create high quality reproductions, we capture every detail of your work accurately and consistently.

By sending us an original photograph, digital image, or artwork for print or image capture, you acknowledge that you own the exclusive rights to that photograph and/or have obtained permission from the artist, photographer or studio. We developed our digital capture systems to meet the demanding needs of artists, designers, architects, archivists, prepress professionals and businesses who require high-resolution digital files from artwork, documents and other originals. It’s the best digital back for creating high-quality visual art photos for giclee, gallery posters, art fairs, high-resolution online images, catalogs, and more.

A giclee print is only as good as the digital file it was made from: the more information in the file, the more accurate the print will be compared to the original in terms of color, detail, tone and texture. Whether we’re printing from one of our shots or yours, without any adjustments, the print will rarely have the correct colors, clarity, and rich detail you’d expect. In some cases we get one photo per artwork (sometimes with color correction), in other cases we get 3-4 photos per artwork with F-stop difference with and without color correction.

After receiving a digital image, we correct the color of the file so that it matches the original as closely as possible. We shoot your frameless art with a Sinar 4 x 5 camera with a digital back and adjustable lighting, balanced for uniformity of intensity and color throughout the original. CHARGED ONCE – Includes high resolution digital scanning of your artwork, 8.5×11 color grading on the media of your choice.

Lauren Forcella

Lauren Forcella

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