Art Giveaway Winner Announced, Mediterranean Style

Art Giveaway Winner Announced, Mediterranean Style

Nov 21, 2022, Mon — We arrive again, full circle, with another Art Giveaway winner announced, Mediterranean style. Ruth Puligo is the lucky winner of a 24 x 24 inch giclee canvas print of Aspen Sky. It’s always a trip to export the names, shuffle them in a shuffler, which I do three times, and then run the shuffled list through a random name picker. For some reason it makes me anxious. Every time, I have to meditate for a few minutes and get really neutral. I actually imagine a higher power taking over my hand and hitting the random name picker button for me. I can’t take the responsibility, even using the random name picker! Too many times, I’ve known the winner and feel somehow responsible!  

This time I don’t, though. In fact, I don’t recognize her name at all. I made an announcement of the win and posted on FB and IG, and will email her tomorrow. 

So tired again!! Forget art buyers, this blog is going to attract people with iron poor blood, lol. I didn’t sleep well last night and then had a huge day driving to Orland and taking down the show. Rae took me out for a wonderful lunch afterward at Farwood’s. I just love this director! I could talk with her all day long. It was 5:30PM by the time I was back and had the car unloaded. And then it was time to do the Art Giveaway. 

I had a huge epiphany loading the Prius. And that is, next time I take down a show, to get someone to videotape the whole process. First video the show up on the walls with people around for scale, then me packing the car. Afterwards, I’ll edit the video (speeding it up), and send it to Toyota! It truly is unbelievable that I can fit all this artwork into that car! Professionally and safely. I have done it so many times, and yet it still astounds me. Others are incredulous at the thought.

The Orland show has been my most challenging because Rae wanted all those big roses, several of them framed. I walked in today and really couldn’t believe that the entire long wall of large art pieces were going to fit in this little car. But, once again, they did! I could’ve fit more! Maybe I’ll try to make this happen on the Fulton show takedown on Feb 13. Unless I’m in the south of France, of course, wine tasting for the Luxembourg prize. Or yachting on the Mediterranean. 

Okay, that’s it for Art Giveaway Winner Announced – Mediterranean Style. I hope you will check out my youtube video of my art at the MADS digital show in Milan and Barcelona (and here I’m not joking!). As well as taking a peek at the calendar for upcoming events.

2022 Art Giveaway, Aspen Sky print
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