Art Errand Road Trip

Art Errand Road Trip

June 23, 2022 — Art Errand Road Trip! Here we go round the mulberry bush. This time down to Napa to swap out the vineyard painting at Paraduxx, then over my cousin’s in Lafayette to stay the night and get a visit in. Then Friday, road trip home, detouring to Sacramento for image capture pickup. The usual. And per the usual, I’m looking forward a lot of phone calls. I’ve never been so up on real catch ups with my friends as I am living in Redding, 3 hours from the nearest services. Not to mention culture. That’s more like 4 hours. 

So, it’s art errand road trip day. Which means I’m getting this blog done the day before (i.e. now) and will post it in the morning. I am SO DEDICATED to this blog! Have you noticed?? And have you noticed the perfect SEO and Readability scores I’ve been getting? I’m getting the knack as they say. At risk of being knackered, this knack. Not sure how long I can keep it up. And how do I tell if it’s making a difference? I oddly enjoy it, but it’s take a bunch of my time. And I have to keep asking you to sign up for my newsletter! I hope you’re not sick of it. It’s a type of internal link, which I need.

SEO Enhancement the Strange Way

I’m diverging from my art errand road trip, but OMG, you know what other brainy idea my web angel had for me to increase SEO? This was a while back. You go search Go Daddy for websites related to art that are dead, meaning people have let them go, and you buy them, and then direct that traffic to your site. The trick is, you look for certain things, not just traffic, but other links/connections (I forget the name) that the sites have. And the more they have, the more traffic and SEO you will garner as you get points for these connections. He’s correct of course, this really helps. But it’s a ton of work and not as fun as rambling along stream of consciousness, I guess you call it writing. 

He did the first three sites for me. And the last. The bad part was, one of the artists contacted me and accused me of stealing his site and his traffic. I felt terrible. (My web guy thought it was hilarious.)

Of course I didn’t steal it, it was for sale! For all I knew he didn’t want it anymore. (That certainly was true for the other two.) I explained this to him, but this kind of finagling the system is so foreign to most artists. I offered it back to him for what I paid for it and a little more because I would have to pay my web guy to reverse the whole thing (I never quite got the hang of the process), but he refused. Apparently, he didn’t really want it after all.

But he sure let me know what a creep I was. And eventually I did feel creepy about this method of SEO enhancement and did not renew payment on these three sites. Phew, that phase over! So when my web angle (his name is Chris) told me about daily blogging, that had my name on it. 

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