Another Day Another Plumeria

Another Day Another Plumeria

Aug 9, 2022, Tues — Not a bad goal, right? Another day another plumeria? Beats a lot of the crazy capitalist goals maniacally going off all around me. Flower power — it’s the real thing. Just like Coke. Now that’s impressive, right? Hmm…. I wonder, do they own that phrase? I do think it’s registered, lol. Can you imagine the audacity?

Healing Plumeria

Back to Plumeria… this flower is so healing. I can feel my mood lifting while I’m working on it. It IS the real thing. I just looked up its spiritual symbolism. Plumeria flowers represent birth and love; spring and new beginnings. It’s an extremely positive and hopeful symbol and I sure do feel that.

I had a longer day than usual in the studio, six and a half hours. Doubt I could’ve done it except we’re only in the 90s this week. It’s been lovely. Argh, I see that starting Saturday, we’re back up to 106 degree days, for what looks like all next week. 

This loaner computer is so tiny! I can barely see the screen… it’s truly a miniature computer. But better than nothing. Nerds on Call called me today, my own personal nerd, Michael, himself. I love this guy! He ran the diagnostics all night long and turns out my D drive is looking ready to kick the bucket. So I’m replacing the D AND C drive, and the batteries. A $450 experience. But I have a really good gaming computer that I bought for the graphics card. (And boy, am I appreciating that now, the paintings look terrible on this computer, they’re kind of “green” literally.) It was $2000 new, a veritable f**k-ton for a PC. So hoping to get another 4-5 years out of it (I’ve already gotten 4). That’s the point, anyway. And Michael thinks I will.

And yes, I was correct, the batteries were failing on cue, on purpose. Makes me sort of sick. Maybe the D drive, too.

What if…?

What would our world be if we concentrated on getting along and having a healthy society? Not cheating each other, not trying to take advantage. What if that was a top goal built into our psyches from day one, along with other top goals of course, like a high standard of human living, a high standard of living for the earth itself, and the other life on it. (I follow the Gaia principal, which sees earth itself as a living entity.) Philosophical, spiritual, and material advancement. Excellent schools excelling in everything humans can excel in: maths, arts, sciences, phys ed, philosophy, beauty, technical training. Excellent parenting. And adults naturally craving continuing ed for themselves. 

And… drumrolll… another day another plumeria!

On that note, here is the beginning of yellow plumeria, in progress. May it heal and transport you in body, mind, and spirit. (This is hand-drawn, by the way. All my initial sketches are, this one being more detailed than most. I mention it because I’ve been shocked to learn how many artists use projectors. Someone even told me they took an art class at the community college here, and that’s the way it was taught. Huh???)

Lauren Forcella

Lauren Forcella

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