Amidst Interruptions it was a Palm Perfect Painting Day

Amidst Interruptions it was a Palm Perfect Painting Day

June 16, 2022 — Amidst interruptions it was a palm perfect painting day. How’s that for a snappy title? Due to said interruptions, I only got in three hours today in the studio. And of that time, I spent the whole time refining what is already there because it is drying so fast with the heat, it’s my only chance. Plus, it looks so fake! The sunset that is. Of course with this working title, what do you expect?! It’s the perfect palm and the perfect sunset, which doesn’t look real! I have a lot to learn about how to bring life into these layers of sunset color. 

As usual, I am learning with each new painting. I have never been one to do “studies”. Each painting I consider a study. And with each painting I feel lucky and amazed that they come out as well as they do. Let’s hope this one, too. They often have me worried at about this stage, and this one is no exception. It looks totally and utterly cliche. 

Amidst interruptions it was a palm perfect painting day. Pardon me for repeating myself! I’m not senile yet. It’s just that the SEO algorithms go to great lengths to avoid breeding any new Faulkners or Willa Cathers or my new favorites, Rachel Kushners, Patricia Lockwoods, or Michael Chabons. They are sticking with breeding a solid crop of dull-as-dirt bureaucrats. 

So, aren’t you curious as to my interruptions? Sorry to disappoint. They are dull as dirt themselves. But for word count, I will write anything! This morning I had acupuncture for the first time in a month due to crazy schedules. And then this afternoon, I had PT for my neck. Something new from Nabisco, the PT, and in just two sessions my neck feels more limber. This is a good thing.

Amidst interruptions it was a palm perfect painting day. And here is said perfect palm, image below. At this point, oh, too perfect for my taste. Wow, it’s got a weird rococo thing going, too, and faces everywhere! Heaven help me figure out what it needs.

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Palm Perfect Painting Day, painting in progress by Lauren Forcella
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