Ahh, let’s see

Ahh, let’s see

Oct 14, 2022, Fri — Ahh, let’s see what to write about. I did spend the day in the studio and a friend gave me some sage to smudge in there to clear the “enchantment” haha. But I forgot flame. No fire-starting equipment to be had! I don’t even have a magnifying glass in there. Remember those days? Just glad we didn’t burn the house down. 

We had a beautiful German Shepard when we were kids. He was all golden. Kangaroo was his name. He was our dog, not my mom’s, and my older brother was the alpha, and I was second alpha, but probably more like his consort. I loved that dog soo much! And vice versa. He would do anything for me. One day he came home (those were the days when dogs ran free) with one fat white tick and hundreds of tiny ticks that appeared to have hatched along the right side of his mouth. We’re talking several inches of his snout that were covered, one atop another, three deep, with what looked like a fresh hatch of microscopic baby ticks all latched and nursing. It was utterly obscene. 

Luckily for the dog these were our magnifying-glass fire-starting days and we looked at each other and knew exactly what to do. We took Kangaroo outside in the sun and gently burned all the ticks off with the magnifying glass. My brother Jim was the solar surgeon and I was the nurse calming the patient. Which wasn’t hard. He trusted us with his life and was very solemn. The baby ticks smoked and stunk as they burned, but we killed them all without burning the dog one bit. 

In the studio today, I decided to work on a petite painting instead of the big one that is composed and waiting. Get my mojo back on something small. Or not, in which case, only a day goes by, not two weeks. It feels better in there and the lizards have not been back, so that’s good. And I’ll be back, too just gimme a hot sec and a tube of Utrecht. 🙂

Okay, that’s all folks. Except, ahh, let’s see, you know the drill to keep the SEO gods happy. I invite you once again to browse my originals gallery, and sign up yourself or a friend for the Art Giveaway — which is coming right up!!

OMG, they need transition words!! I like my writing as it is, thank you very much. Let’s try this: Because because because becaaaause, because of the wonderful things he does. Nope? Then, as a consequence I will try this. Nope? Okay, then as a result, I will try this. For instance is another idea, which NAILS it!!

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