It’s Raining Umbrellas!

It’s Raining Umbrellas!

May 3, 2002 —

Well, I lied and didn’t go to the studio today and start a new painting. I stayed inside where it is raining umbrellas! Contrado is incredibly addicting because everything looks so beautiful and I do especially love the umbrellas because you have so many gorgeous ways a single painting can look depending on where you lay that triangle on the artwork. It’s like twirling a kaleidoscope, infinite variety and surprise. For example, check out this one from Autumn Sidewalk:

Umbrella from the artwork Autumn Sidewalk by Lauren Forcella

I’m going to let the Artful Gents take it from here: A kaleidoscope is an optical device that uses reflective surfaces to create regular, symmetrical, and usually very colorful patterns when viewed inwards. Kaleidoscope () – an optical device with two or more reflective surfaces (or mirrors) located at an angle to each other, so that one or more objects (parts) at one end of these mirrors are shown in the form of a regular symmetrical pattern when viewed from the other side, due to multiple reflections. Its Scottish inventor David Brewster argued that the kaleidoscope is different in that the special position of the object and the eye plays a very important role in creating beautiful symmetrical forms. Brothers and sisters of different ages, temperaments and angles collide and overlap like in a kaleidoscope, reflecting ever-changing internal family alliances and recurring quarrels.

Kaleidoscope collects fun, poignant, meditative and hopeful science fiction and children’s fantasy with several main characters. Come and see what Kaleidoscope has to offer and discover something new. Click here to get started, or click on one of the Kaleidoscope Dance programs below to learn more. Kaleidoscope offers training in writing, editing, video production, graphic design and more.

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Kaleidoscope Design’s mission is to create a personalized living environment that our clients are proud to call home. Kaleidoscope Imprints’ in-house graphic artists provide a full range of graphic design services. Kaleidoscope Design has grown from positive reviews to one of the best companies in Denver.

This magazine was created and edited by Brett Bensley, then a renowned kaleidoscopist artist and kaleidoscope information resource. Editors Alisa Krasnoshtein and Julia Rios did a great job of creating Kaleidoscope. “Perhaps the best thing about this kaleidoscope is how fun it is to enjoy.

This light comedy is not High Art – not by any effort of our good will or imagination. Before “Kaleidoscope” Warren Beatty starred in only one comedy (“Promise Her Anything” with Leslie Caron).

Imagine getting all of this just as part of the life of Kaleidoscope, and Kaleidoscope didn’t even discuss our ideal location next to the Rainbow Promenade. The wide spectrum of the kaleidoscope and the bright particles can make the kaleidoscope useful for finding caves or exploring dungeons.

Kaleidoscope has the current highest summon tag critical strike chance of 10%. If you prefer to work from the command line, or if you are going to work with Kaleidoscope itself, please follow the instructions below. If you want to use the Kaleidoscope to set up or compile a “sketch” to power a supported keyboard, the quickest way to get started is to use the Arduino IDE.

Lauren Forcella

Lauren Forcella

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