A Herculean Amount of Work

A Herculean Amount of Work

June 26, 2022 — I’m kind of in awe at this very moment, here at 10:20PM, while I finally eat dinner. Awed at what a Herculean amount of work I got done today. Perhaps I’m mostly awed at my own ability to focus. It’s such a commodity right now, with seemingly everyone and their spayed cocker spaniel having trouble with it, and here I have it to an almost detrimental degree. I mean, work these days means computer, which means sitting, which means the head is probably forward, shoulders not necessarily relaxed. Despite all that, I somehow feel great. Maybe this PT for neck is paying off, or else, I’m just wired from the level of accomplishment. Let’s not discount all the beauty I handle during computer work. It’s exhilarating handling the beautiful files! 

So, yes, I got done a Herculean amount of work today! I started in around 9AM. L.P., who stayed the night Fri and Sat (plenty of material there for my personal journal, but that poor rag is feeling ignored since I started this art diary). Anyway, L.P. left around 7AM and from there, I got started into my day about an hour later. 

Mainly the day’s work consisted of the addition on my website of the collectibles, meaning the merchandise I’ve been designing on Contrado. Except for my newsletter, I’ve not said a peep about it on my website. Or social media for that matter. It’s just been revealed to my peeps from the newsletter. See, anyone reading! Signing up for my newsletter really does give you status. (The link is my invite!) My peeps there are the first to hear about everything. 

New Collectibles Page & Block

So, I got a beautiful Collectibles page designed, and put a sweet little Collectibles block on the home page (scroll to the bottom). I also added to the navigation bar of all three sites, prints, originals, and home, a Collectibles entry. It doesn’t sound like much, but I don’t do these things often, so there’s a big learning curve, lots of dead ends to maneuver and detective work to do. But I figured every glitch out on my own and kept pressing forward. And then polished it all.

Then, tonight, being still so close to summer solstice and the light deceiving me, at 7PM, I pressed on and got the two new image captures up on the site, including writing their stories from scratch, calculating prices (one of them was a new size), adding new size attributes to the website backend, and creating all the photoshop sizes needed for the various platforms that the JPGs need to be sized for, which is practically a point of stupidity. If you haven’t figured it out, it’s a fuck ton of work to add a new painting. So many steps, many more than I described here. I could feel my readability score going to a red frown on that last sentence. So I stopped. Anyway, I’m surely over 300 words with this stream of blotto consciousness. Enough work for the day, signing off… sweet dreams.

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