Daughter guest blogs today

Daughter guest blogs today

Daughter guest blogs today! Get it while it’s hot, this may never happen again.

Limoncello, limoncello! On the streets in Italy enjoying limoncello! Lemons are delicious — to look at and to enjoy. My favorite color is lemon. I wish everything was the color of lemon. With lemon patterns, and lemon swirls. Wow, sounds amazing. Lemon-colored marble and lemon-colored walls. Lemon drops and lemon cake. Daisies of lemon and lemon snow flakes. From spring to fall, in winter and in summer, my world is wonderfully filled with lemon. 

On the other side, avocados dwell in a marvelous land. Avocados dripping from the trees. A land so lush and bright. Full of opportunity everywhere. It is the most exciting place in the garden. A sense of urgency and lust wash over you in the avo orchard. A feeling of exclusivity and luxury, picturing the silky smooth of a delicious avocado. Leaves swirling in the wind. Picture Kevin the cat there, too, with Hank, the sheepdog, and Sansa, the husky, close behind. Little bees buzzing at your toes. Reaching down to the ground to collect the fallen avos from the floor — about 18 of them. Luxury. It’s a dream come true to eat avos every day. At every meal. And there are always more. In the fridge, on the counter, under the tree. We give them away, I bring them to work, and still, there are more avos. EVERYWHERE.

I love having an avocado problem.

Best Advice of Notorious RBG

Hank and Sansa’s dad just got home. He’s been traveling all week in the Midwest. Every stop, (he’s been to about 5 states), he quizzes Mom and I about what the city is known for. We’ve learned quite a bit, though not sure how long I’ll remember that “rock and roll” is from Ohio, and “Anheuser-Busch” is from St. Louis, Missouri! Or is that Wisconsin? Oops that’s Pabst Blue Ribbon, the beer that made Milwaukie famous.

Silly me. Blame my selective hearing. I’m simply following the “best advice” Ruth Bader Ginsburg claims to have ever received. As the story goes, on her wedding day, her mother in law told her “it pays to be a little deaf sometimes”. Best. Freaking. Advice. Having confirmation from a legend is reassuring. Ah, yes, you are so welcome for that tidbit. It’s been a real privilege for you, I’m sure, haha. Cheers! Akasha 

Daughter Guest Blogs (and now back to me). Thank you my dear. I guess I better get painting some lemons! Here’s my yellowest painting to compensate. And more yellow plumeria in the Lauren Forcella Contrado Store.

Daughter Guest blogs a lemon-colored Island Plumeria, painting by Lauren Forcella
Daughter Guest blogs: lemon-colored Island Plumeria, painting by Lauren Forcella
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