About Lauren Forcella

IF YOU CAN REMEMBER HOW YOU LOST TRACK OF TIME when you were a child of 8-10 years, therein lies the key to your happiness as an adult.  Lauren’s early life was all about creating art, writing stories and being in nature. Then “life” happened. Luckily, it was only temporary… because after the hydrogeology career, the scientific publications, the environmental whistleblowing, after the Four Amazing Kids were born, the Master’s Degree in Consciousness Studies was earned, after the children’s book about the elements of the natural world was written (Lauren being mostly a writer by then), the leader of Lauren’s writing group began hammering on her to attend an art group called Wild Carrots. “You could create the images for your book,” she finally said, and Lauren thought, hmm, I probably could paint some cool “first-grader” art…

“I was immersed in the flow of raising four fantastic kids, when I first stepped into a roomful of acrylics, brushes and paper and discovered the meaning of the word “talent”. People are surprised that I’m self-taught, but you can hardly call it that. I can’t emphasize how surreal the onset was; painting arrived as an already-developed skill that continues to astonish. I guess that’s what talent is. Yes, you can develop it, but you don’t necessarily have to earn it to begin with. It’s just there if you’re lucky, and you’re even luckier if you discover it.”

Weeks after this “discovery”, Lauren and her family relocated to New Hampshire where a new friend, after seeing her paintings from Wild Carrots, on her own initiative, rented an art studio for her. That decade, while raising the kids, getting a 3rd-degree Black Belt in Taekwondo and taking gold in three national sparring championships, Lauren created hundreds of paintings.

Writing took hold again when Lauren founded the syndicated “Straight Talk Advice” column [2004-2015] carried in 24 newspapers nationallyAs the column grew and gained critical acclaim, the paintings stopped flying off the easel and eventually stopped even being painted. All that has changed. Lauren has retired the column and Art is Back!

“I loved writing the Straight Talk Advice.org column. Working with all the teen panelists and making a difference in the world was the thrill of a lifetime. That said, my nervous system is soo glad to be painting again. I feel like I’m home after a long, somewhat exhausting journey.”

Lauren works in large-format oils, acrylics and mixed media. Her renaissance background has inspired several styles: museum-quality florals, impressionistic landscapes, and abstracts expressions — all with a vibrant healing quality. Her originals and giclee prints are collected nationally and abroad. She looks forward to hearing from you to see how the right piece of art can enliven your life.

SPECIAL THANKS to Linda, my writing teacher in Point Reyes, California who finally got me to Wild Carrots, Cynthia Hartman Mussat for the keys to my first studio in Wilton, New Hampshire, Barbara Kaufman, my early art agent in Los Angeles who has helped me in so many ways, Rhys Williams for building one of my trickier art studios in Sebastopol, California, along with my ingenious rolling art storage system almost entirely for the love of art, Brandan Topham in Oregon for creating one of my early websites out of the kindness of his and his dad’s heart (helped along by a hydrogeology flashback), my mom for hanging framed photocopies of my paintings all over her house and being “amazed” (this is actually illegal, only Moms can do this), my kids for being proud of me back in the beginning, which only made me want to paint more, my brother Jim and sister-in-law Janette for being my “Theos”, my brother Tom and sister-in-law Wendy for creating a beautiful satellite studio for me in their home, and to Each Person who’s ever bought art from me, thank you so much. And finally I want to thank the Great Mystery that lives causa causens within our beautiful planet—and myself, giving me the inspiration to dive into the spirit of it. Love you all. —Lauren