ART GIVEAWAY COMING SOON! The power of art to heal, inspire and enliven is so real that I want each of you to have a piece of art in your home. Something that calls you. Something you love. To that end, on the first of each month, I will be giving away a beautiful stretched canvas print of one of my paintings. It will arrive free of charge, ready to hang, and shipping within continental US will also be free. This is on me!

Check back here and on my Facebook page for upcoming details.


LAUREN FORCELLA has been a working fine artist for 22 years. The depth and vibrancy of her portfolio is inspired by her Renaissance background as a geologist, writer, athlete, counselor, lifelong spiritualist and dedicated tree hugger. Painting arrived in her life as a sudden-onset experience and she remains completely self taught.

“I was immersed in the flow of raising four fantastic kids, when I first stepped into a roomful of acrylics, brushes and paper and discovered the meaning of the word “talent”. People are surprised that I’m self-taught, but you can hardly call it that. I can’t emphasize how surreal the onset was; painting arrived as an already-developed skill that continues to astonish. I guess that’s what talent is. Yes, you can develop it, but you don’t necessarily have to earn it to begin with. It’s just there if you’re lucky, and you’re even luckier if you discover it.”

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